Bots Life Deviant

Total supply: 1010
Price: 0.9 ◎

Bots Life on Solana is about Bots realizing that their purpose is not just to work, but Bots can enjoy life too and do fun things.

Collection 1: Genesis : Released in Feb. Be a part of this limited edition of 600 Bots Life Genesis Collection roaming on the Solana Blockchain!

Collection 2: Deviant : Releasing in Mar. (Including 18 Legendaries). The Deviant Bots are the second collection. They are leaders of the Bots Life revolution, fighting the Hoax Bots to free Common Bots from slavery to humans.

Collection 3: Hoax : TBA (Including 10 Legendaries). The Hoax Bots are the third collection. They worship humans and force Common Bots into slavery to maintain the human world.

Sporting unique personalities and battle skills, these little guys will create a DAO to allow all Bots to vote on their wallet. The Deviants want all Bots to earn some passive income to kick up their bits and relax! But will the Hoax allow this…