Royal Club
Solana Launchpad

Launch, mint and manage your NFT collection without limits. Everybody can be a creator.

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Launchpad advantages

Some of the reasons you should use our launchpad! If you want more details check our whitepaper or contact us on Discord


No skill required

We'll think about every aspect of the mint. You can just focus on your beautiful art!



We'll always use the latest technology available to upload your Candy Machine and to have the best possible experience for your mint.



We have the lowest fees with only 4 SOL.
0% mint revenue, 0% secondary market.


Community and reach

Our community get 60% of the revenue of the launchpad. We will post your project in the upcoming mints on our Discord where our community can follow your project.


Custom RPC

Our custom RPC will grant that, even if the Solana main network will be clogged, your mint will be successful.



We're always available on our Discord server if you have any question or problem!

Become an ambassador

If you are part of the Royal Club and you bring a project that will mint with our launchpad you will earn 0.8 Sol.
Become a Sol Royal Club ambassador now!

About us

The Royal Club is an ecosystem and community built with love on the Solana blockchain.
60% of the revenue of the launchpad will go to our holders!